If you’re searching for how to buy a Himalayan salt lamp then you came to the right place. Himalayan salt lamps are increasingly popular these days because they can be used for practical as well as decorative purposes.

A Himalayan salt lamp is made from Himalayan salt which is a rock salt and comes from a region in Pakistan.

Some people claim that these products offer some health benefits and they also improve interior décor.

It will look great in your kitchen, living room as well as bedroom and they don’t occupy a lot of space.


4 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits at A Glance

These accessories usually come in different sizes and they feature a Himalayan salt rock which is beneficial for the indoor air.

If you’re not particularly familiar with Himalayan salt lamps, check out the following benefits, some of these are only claims and were never proven scientifically.


  1. Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

The cleansing effect of the Himalayan salt lamp is known worldwide and that’s why so many people have one in their houses.

Some people claim that these lamps improve the quality of the air and reduce allergy symptoms, so you are less likely to sneeze, cough and wheeze.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s only a claim since it’s not scientifically proven. If you’re looking to improve and purify the air quality of your house then you would be better off with an air purifier.


  1. Give you more energy

Scientists say that people who lack energy might be under the influence of positive ions. A Himalayan salt lamp may increase the concentration of negative ions in the house which leads to increased energy levels experienced by you and your family members.


  1. Eliminate allergens and cigarette smoke

Another great reason why so many people have a Himalayan salt lamp in their houses is because this accessory can trap allergens such as pollen and dust as well as eliminate cigarette smoke.

This is done through a complicated hygroscopic process, but I’ll try to provide a simple explanation to it here.

When the salt rock gets heated by the light bulb inside, it attracts water molecules as well as the allergens they might carry – pollen, dust, etc.

The water is evaporated, but the allergens remain trapped in the salt rock, so they won’t get in your lungs.

As a result, you will not cough that often and not suffer from respiratory diseases in the long run.


  1. Improve your sleep

The same story with the positive and negative ions applies here. Some people also claim that positive ions tend to interfere with proper blood flow which might result in unhealthy sleep patterns.

This is also not scientifically proven, I think the real cause that this lamp causes people to relax is the soft nice color it gives to the room.

Himalayan salt lamps benefits

The Himalayan salt lamp helps

If you are a person who doesn’t like to have lights on while sleeping (remember that the salt rock is heated by a light bulb) then keep the lamp on for a few hours before bedtime and turn it off when it’s time to get some “zzz”.

By doing so, you reap the benefits provided by the Himalayan salt without being disturbed by the light of the lamp.

Here’s a video that explains things:

5 Signs You Are Buying A Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp

As with any quality product, fake Himalayan salt lamps populate the market and you need to know how to differentiate them from real ones.

Here are a few important aspects to keep in mind.


  1. Your Himalayan salt lamp is very bright

The salt rock has a light bulb inside which heats it up to improve indoor air quality. A real lamp should cast a soft glow, not to illuminate your whole room like a regular lamp.

If you get a lamp and its light is very bright, you have probably bought a fake one and it is a good idea to return it because you’ll not reap the health benefits of a real Himalayan salt lamp.


  1. The salt’s country of origin is not Pakistan

Real Himalayan salt is extracted from mines in Pakistan and it is the only place on earth where you can find it.

You should double check the lamp to make sure that the salt rock originates from Pakistan.

It might happen that the lamp is assembled in another country (adding the wooden base, electrical cord, etc), but the salt is mandatory to be from Pakistan, otherwise, you have bought a fake lamp.


  1. You don’t reap any health benefits

If you use the lamp on a regular basis, but your sleep doesn’t improve or the indoor air quality is still the same then this might be an indicator that you have bought a fake lamp.

Most people figure this out in just a couple of weeks.


  1. The Himalayan salt lamp is sold at ridiculously low prices

Although these products are affordable, you’ll never find a real Himalayan salt lamp priced below $5.

Keep in mind that it takes some time and resources to extract the salt from these mines, to process it and carve it into a rock which is assembled in a factory and then sold to customers.

The manufacturing process dictates the price and that’s why real Himalayan salt lamps are priced around $15 and more, depending on its size.


  1. Your Himalayan salt lamp can take a lot of wear and tear

Another important sign that you have bought a fake lamp consists of its durability. Real salt lamps are quite fragile, they are even chipped or slightly damaged while they are shipped to customers, but this happens very rarely.

If you get a product which is so tough that you can actually use it as a hammer, you have most likely bought a fake Himalayan salt lamp.

These are some of the most important signs that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you buy a real product.

Now that you know more about this subject, let’s go ahead and explore the main characteristics of a Himalayan salt lamp which will help you make a better buying decision.

What To Look For When Buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp

what to look for when buying a himalayan salt lamp

Size of the lamp

These products come in various sizes and designs. For example, most of them are small Himalayan salt lamps no larger than a mug.

They can be placed anywhere in your house and they beautify the interior décor, not to mention that they will also improve indoor quality.

Other Himalayan salt lamps are specially designed to be used in large rooms, so they are much more voluminous and heavy.

Transporting such products should be done with care. The largest Himalayan salt lamps can be as tall as a regular chair and they are usually used in large conference rooms and yoga studios.

Buy one according to the size of the room you desire to place it in.

Lastly, some lamps come in small baskets and they are basically chunks of salt rocks lit up by a bulb underneath.

They are also attractive and can be placed in any room of your house.


The base of the lamp

The salt rock needs to stay on something because it is quite fragile and easy to get damaged.

Most manufacturers use wooden or stainless steel foundations which also house the electrical cord.

It is a matter of personal taste and preference which type of foundation you choose – wood or metallic.

If you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, you’ll probably go with wood. However, a lot of people prefer metallic bases too because they are very attractive and durable.



More sophisticated Himalayan salt lamps come with dimmers which allow you to increase or decrease the brightness of the light bulb inside.

This can be useful if you think that the lamp is too bright in a dark room, but again, keep in mind that if the light is too bright, you might have bought a fake lamp.

The dimmer is usually mounted on the 6-foot electrical cord and it is easily reachable.

This simple tool is perfect for creating a calm and serene atmosphere in your room while you want Netflix or read a good book.

where to buy a Himalayan salt lamp



Apart from cord-mounted dimmers, other manufacturers also offer you useful accessories such as light bulbs.

These are handy if the one existing in the salt rock gets damaged. In some cases, you might get a gift box for your Himalayan salt lamp and this provides the perfect opportunity to offer such an interesting accessory to someone you love!



Yes, high-quality Himalayan salt lamps come with warranty periods from the manufacturer.

The warranty is usually 1 year and it will cover for manufacturing defects or other unwanted problems.

Where to Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The best and safest place where you can get Himalayan salt lamps is Amazon.com. There are numerous brands out there which sell Himalayan salt lamps in various designs and sizes.

Some of them are ideal for your desk or nightstand, but larger models fit perfectly in living rooms and can be placed directly on the floor.

Make sure that you pick one which has plenty of good reviews and find out more details about the origins of the salt as well as the accessories included in the package to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Final words

The beauty and elegance of a Himalayan salt lamp are renowned worldwide and when you think of the fact that it can help you sneeze less and improve your sleep, this accessory is a must-have for any homeowner who cares about his health.


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