French door refrigerators are increasingly popular these days and for good reasons. Not only that they are more economical, they are also much more attractive and eye-catching thanks to the fact that they feature two side-by-side doors which can be opened separately. And that’s why you should look for the best french door refrigerators.

This type of appliance can also feature a large freezer, so if you’re one of those people who love to store a lot of veggies, meat or pizza inside the freezer, go for a French door refrigerator.

best french door refrigerators 2018

Another great advantage of this type of refrigerator is the simple fact that it might come with built-in water/ice dispensers. In other words, you don’t have to buy a separate ice maker, your fridge has one incorporated into the door and can be used 24/7.

This is particularly useful during hot seasons when you’d kill for a glass of fresh lemonade full of cool ice cubes. To learn more about these refrigerators, I prepared a simple and interesting buying guide, so keep reading to discover the numerous benefits of such an appliance.

How to Choose a French Door Refrigerator

Interior space: Obviously, this is one of the most important aspects you need to pay attention to when it comes to refrigerator and freezers in general. The more space it has inside, the more food and beverages you can store.

A large fridge is more suitable for large families, to cater to the needs of each family member individually. Large fridges are also highly recommended for gym enthusiasts who like to stock up on veggies, milk bottles, meat, eggs and many other nutrient-rich foods that support a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you live alone or have a relatively small family, go for a fridge with a smaller interior space or just a compact fridge. To give you numbers, small fridges might have around 20-25 cubic feet of interior space while larger ones can easily feature up to 30-35 cubic feet of storage. You can have more info about sizes here.


Shelving units: Most modern refrigerators come with plenty of shelving units made from tempered glass which is basically capable of holding a lot of bowls of food, bottles of beverages, veggies, semi-prepared food and other goodies. Some shelves are called crispers and they are specially designed for vegetables.

Other shelving units which are usually placed on the door are ideal for large bottles or jugs of milk. Lastly, most of the shelves supplied in a modern refrigerator can be rearranged according to your wishes, to accommodate taller food containers and recipients, etc.refrigerator shelves

Lights and temperature control: Back in the days, most fridges would come with a small light which might have illuminated just a small part of your fridge. Nowadays, things are very different as most French door refrigerators come with built-in LED lights which cast a bright white or blue light when you open the doors.

This modern lighting option is more economical, more practical and can resist for many years. When it comes to temperature control, this is also mainly taken care of by the built-in sensors installed inside the fridge, so you just have to press one or two buttons to determine temperature range and that’s it!

The fridge will sort everything else for you. Lastly, modern fridges also come with automatic defrosting systems, so you don’t have to remove ice manually.


Freezer: What makes French door refrigerators unique is the simple fact that they have the freezer mounted at the bottom of the unit, so it is easier to reach.

The actual size of the freezer depends from model to model and its door opens like a drawer, revealing one or more interior shelving units. In some cases, your refrigerator can have two drawers one on top of the other which act as freezers.

Water and ice dispenser

Color and size: In some cases, even the color of the fridge can have a great impact on the overall interior design of your kitchen. In other words, you can make the refrigerator the central design element or just integrate it with the rest of the appliances in your kitchen.

Modern fridges can come in the classic stainless steel finish, but they might also feature an elegant black color, bright white finish or a combination of those colors. Since you are going to have the fridge for years to come, it would be wise to spend some time to consider the color carefully before buying.

In a similar fashion, the actual size of the fridge depends from model to model, but most of them have widths between 30 and 36 inches, so they can fit properly. Make sure you measure your kitchen to ensure your refrigerator fits perfectly.

Before buying a fridge, it is important to find out if the installation is also included in the price since it might require a professional to get your unit up and running.

Get more information about this before buying, you can also read my detailed guide here.

Now keep reading this article to find out the 13 top refrigerator suggestions!

Top Rated French Door Refrigerators for 2018

Capacity 19 to 22.9 cu.ft.


Kenmore 73003

Company: Kenmore

Price: $$$

My rating: 4.9/5

You definitely have heard of Kenmore before as this company is renowned for making high-quality appliances at affordable prices. The 73003 model is a superb refrigerator with a pleasant design and multiple attractive features.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Available in numerous sizes – although this is the first entry in the 19 to 22.9 cubic feet category, this product is actually available in multiple sizes, up to 30 cubic feet of interior space. Therefore, if you have a larger family or simply want to have plenty of foods inside your house all the times, pick a larger version.
  2. Charcoal filter – these filters are regularly used in kitchen appliances to purify the air and eliminate impurities and unpleasant odors. Your Kenmore refrigerator also has a charcoal filter which ensures the circulation of fresh, pure air inside your fridge.
  3. LED lighting – when you open the doors of the fridge, you’ll love the beautiful white light which bathes the interior of this appliance. This type of lighting consumes less energy and it helps you find the bottle of milk when you visit the fridge in the middle of the night.
  4. Available in 5 colors – you can choose from black, white, stainless steel and a combination of these colors, depending on your preferences and needs.
  5. Built-in ice maker – feel free to get as many ice cubes as you want per day as this appliance comes with an incorporated ice maker which delivers fresh, invigorating ice cubes whenever you want. Use these cubes to make your drinks taste and look better when you entertain your friends!
  6. Automatic temperature control – this refrigerator knows how to maintain the right temperature all the times as well as adjusting the moisture levels for optimal performance. You also have several buttons at your disposal to play with if you want to increase or decrease the temperature for some reason.

When it comes to disadvantages, some customer reported minor reliability problems, but remember that this product comes with a warranty policy you can take advantage of if necessary.

Also, such problems might appear as a result of improper installation sometimes, so make sure you let the professional hook up your fridge for you, especially since this service is free for this unit.


Company: LG Electronics

Price: $$$

My rating: 4.9/5

LG doesn’t need any introduction as it is a leading manufacturer of electronics and gadgets. This brand makes high-quality smartphones, TV sets and of course, refrigerators.

For example, the LFCS22520S model comes with Energy Star certification and plenty of other advantages and benefits.

Here are just a few of them:

  1. 21.8 cubic feet of space – the total space of this unit is impressive, given being that it measures just 30 inch in width which makes it ideal for narrow spaces. The 21.8 cubic feet of interior space is distributed as 7.1 feet for the freezer and 14.7 for the refrigerator.
  2. 2 crisper drawers – these drawers are ideal for keeping your veggies fresh for a longer period of time as they are humidity controlled automatically. Your broccoli and tomatoes will be more delicious and tastier than ever if you go for this fridge!
  3. 6 door shelving units – open the doors of this fridge and you’ll have 3 large shelving units at the left waiting for you to store big jugs of milk as well as 3 shelving units at the right, waiting for you to store fresh orange juice, water bottles, wine bottles, and other beverages. These shelves are totally adjustable and highly resistant to wear and tear.
  4. LED lighting – the lights inside this fridge are based on LEDs which are much more economical and bright. The entire unit is Energy Star certified, so it will basically consume several hundred dollars worth of electricity per year, in comparison with other units which don’t feature this certification. What would you do with several hundred dollars more per year?
  5. Installed ice maker – this unit also comes with a built-in ice maker, so there is no need to buy a separate appliance for making fresh ice cubes.
  6. 10 years warranty – few brands offer a 10-year warranty policy for their products and this is probably yet another reason to opt for an LG refrigerator. The warranty will cover for manufacturing defects and other problems, so you get replacements or repairs for free.

If you’re wondering about drawbacks, some customers complained that their fridge was rather difficult to install, but remember that installation is free for this product as LG sends a technician to your house to do it for you.

Therefore, just sit back, relax and in no time you’ll have a brand new fridge to use for years to come.

Frigidaire FGHF2367TF

Company: Frigidaire

Price: $$$$$

My rating: 4.9/5

I couldn’t have a review about fridges without including a product from Frigidaire, right? This manufacturer is renowned for making high-quality appliances and it has decades of experience when it comes to refrigerators.

The FGHF2367TF model from Frigidaire is 36 inches wide, so it is more suitable for people who have more space in their kitchen and want an appliance which is wider, not necessarily taller.

Here are the advantages of this product:

  1. 21.9 cubic feet – the interior space is more than enough for this magnificent and imposing fridge, especially for people who live alone or just with their spouse. The freezer occupies up to 6.8 cubic feet of the total space while the refrigerator handles 15.9 cubic feet.
  2. All interior shelves are adjustable – the manufacturer boasts that there are more than 100 ways you can adjust the interior shelves for this unit, depending on your preferences and needs. There are 4 layers of drawers and shelving units and some of them are humidity controlled to ensure that the foods remain fresher and tasty for longer periods of time.
  3. Open door alarm – it happens to all of us to forget the door of the fridge open for some time, a thing which might drastically increase energy consumption since the cold air can escape from the fridge in large quantities. However, this model is equipped with an alarm which lets you know that the door is open, saving energy and preventing potential damages to this appliance.
  4. Multi-level LED lighting – you are free to choose between several levels of intensity when it comes to the interior LED lighting which is bright and economical. All compartments and areas of your fridge are visible thanks to this type of lighting option.
  5. Ice maker – this unit is equipped with everything you need in a modern kitchen, including an ice maker which can provide you with fresh ice cubes whenever you need it. This feature is very useful especially during warm seasons and it means you don’t have to buy an ice maker as a separate purchase.

As a disadvantage, some people would have preferred to have this unit in a black finish as well, but this is a minor drawback. Its finish options include several shades of stainless steel which is a timeless classic and looks great in any kitchen.

Blomberg BRFD2230SS

Company: Blomberg

Price: $$$$$

My rating: 5/5

Blomberg is a company which specializes in washing machines, but they also make a plethora of practical refrigerators and accessories for them.

The BRFD2230SS model from Blomberg is ideal for relatively small houses and it has a width of 36 inches which means that you can also find a place for it under the cabinets of your kitchen.

Here are the main advantages of this refrigerator:

  1. 22.3 cubic feet – the space for the refrigerator is twice as big as the one for the freezer which is mounted at the bottom of this unit. This product comes with stability legs and long, durable stainless steel handles which makes opening the doors and freezer drawer a piece of cake.
  2. Energy Star certified – this is another fridge which comes with Energy Star certification which means that you will save a couple hundred dollars every year. This unit has been designed to run as economically as possible and it can drastically reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Water dispenser and ice machine – your Blomberg fridge can be hooked up to your main water line and provide you with fresh, clean water directly from the tap as well as ice cubes for prepare delicious and fresh beverages. This machine is able to make up to 11 pounds of ice per day which is really impressive.
  4. Adjustable drawers and shelves – the drawers are very easy to adjust and they can be pulled 2/3 of the way out to accommodate veggies, dairy products or other types of foods. This unit also comes with crisper drawers which are humidity controlled and can keep your vegetables fresh for longer.
  5. LED lighting – since this is a modern unit, it incorporates modern lighting options which can be adjusted to your needs and doesn’t consume a lot of energy. The interior LED lighting can make visible every inch of your fridge and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for in the middle of the night.

When it comes to disadvantages, some people report that the ice maker doesn’t produce ice cubes as fast as they would have preferred, but 11 pounds of ice per day is still a great capacity in my opinion.

The ice machine is ideal for people who need ice cubes from time to time, but it will never replace a restaurant-level ice maker and the manufacturer never claimed it does.

Capacity 23 to 25.9 cu.ft.


Company: General Electric

Price: $$$$

My rating: 4.8/5

GE is another prestigious manufacturer of kitchen appliances, particularly refrigerators. This company sells its products worldwide and many of them are currently bestsellers on various online retailers.

The GFE24JMKES refrigerator is an interesting model as it is just 33 inches wide, so it can be fit into smaller kitchens and narrower places too.

Here are the main selling points of this product:

  1. 23.8 cubic feet – this is a larger unit with more space available for your goodies. You get up to 7.3 cubic feet of freezer space which is accessible by pulling out the freezer mounted at the bottom of the unit. The rest of the space is available for fresh food.
  2. Available in several color options – you can choose from a slate finish, bright white, black or stainless steel finishes for this device, depending on your needs and preferences. In other words, your GE refrigerator isn’t only practical in your kitchen, but also eye-catching too.
  3. Open door alarm – this unit also incorporates a door alarm which lets you know when the door has been left open by accident. This saves a great deal of energy in the long run and makes your unit run as efficiently as possible.
  4. Energy Star certified – on top of that, your GE appliance will keep your energy bill at a minimum because it is Energy Star certified and designed to consume as little energy as possible.
  5. Humidity controlled drawers – you have 2 humidity controlled drawers available for fresh vegetables as well as multi-level drawers and one adjustable temperature drawer to play with when it comes to storing your favorite foods.
  6. Ice and water dispenser – the left door features a built-in ice machine and water dispenser which offers you fresh, cool and purified water to drink as well as plenty of ice cubes to decorate your drinks with. The water dispensed by this machine is heavily filtered to eliminate impurities and calcium.

Still, no product is perfect and some refrigerators arrived defective to a few customers.

However, remember that GE is a serious company which can quickly repair or replace defective products, so don’t hesitate to contact them right away if something similar happens with your unit.


Company: General Electric

Price: $$$

My rating: 4.9/5

I want to include another excellent model from GE and that is represented by the GNE25JSKSS model which is also 33 inch in width, but slightly taller than the previous model and featuring a bit more space for fresh foods.

Let’s go ahead and inspect the main characteristics of this refrigerator:

  1. 24.8 cubic feet – the interior space is more than enough for a medium-sized family and because this refrigerator is also quite slim, you can easily find a place for it in your kitchen. It comes with a 7.3 bottom mounted freezer which features interior lighting and an ice bucket for your needs.
  2. Energy Star certified – you have the chance to reduce your carbon footprint using this appliance which is Energy Star certified and designed to consume as little electricity as possible.
  3. Adjustable door shelves – apart from featuring humidity controlled drawers for your veggies and fruits, this product also comes with adjustable door shelves which feature gallon storage. You can easily accommodate large jugs and bottle of milk on the doors of this fridge as well as other beverages such as wine, fruit juice, and more.
  4. 4 colors available – you can have this unit in several color options such as black, silver, white or stainless steel finish. Feel free to choose the desired color to seamlessly integrate this product into your kitchen.
  5. Ice maker and water dispenser – this is yet another unit which can be hooked to the main water line and provide you with fresh, cool ice cubes and chilled water during hot summer days. This feature can save you money because you don’t have to invest in a separate ice maker in the future.
  6. 1-year warranty – GE offers a warranty period of 1 year for this appliance and can perform repairs and replacements if some components of this fridge arrive defective.

When it comes to disadvantages, a few customers complain that the unit can become noisy sometimes. Modern refrigerators are not completely silent in operation yet, so this is to be expected, even from refrigerators.

The noise isn’t usually that loud to cause a problem, so this drawback is relatively insignificant in my opinion.

Capacity 26 Cu. ft. & Up

Kenmore 73025

Company: Kenmore

Price: $$

My rating: 4.9/5

Now we move on to really large fridges which have a capacity of 26 cubic feet or more. I want to present you a great product from Kenmore which is represented by the 73025 model which comes with multiple interesting features and can tackle the food requirements and needs of a large family.

Here are the main benefits of this product:

  1. 26.1 cubic feet – there is enough space in this refrigerator for every member of your family to store his or her favorite foods. This is possible because the width of the fridge is 36 inches and it features numerous shelves and drawers.
  2. Multiple shelving units – speaking of shelves, there are 2 humidity controlled bins inside this refrigerator which will help you keep veggies and fruits fresh for longer. There is also a pantry drawer which is more suitable for party platters and appetizers. The 2 doors incorporate large gallon storage options which accommodate milk and wine bottles as well as orange juice and other beverages. The drawers are fully adjustable, so make sure you arrange them according to your own preferences.
  3. LED lighting – your refrigerator from Kenmore also comes with LED interior lighting which is bright and economical at the same time. Another great advantage is that this unit includes free delivery and hookup, so you don’t have to call a professional to install your fridge upon arrival.
  4. Available in several colors – this product can be bought in a few color nuances such as stainless steel finish, black, white or a combination of those. Feel free to imagine this fridge in your kitchen in various colors and decide which one will look better.
  5. Built-in ice maker – the ice maker is capable of producing a sufficient amount of ice cubes per day to accommodate the needs of a large family. Feel free to use the ice to decorate your drinks and make them taste and look better.

If you’re wondering about disadvantages, it is true that some refrigerators had minor reliability problems, but these were quickly fixed by the manufacturer.

Remember that your Kenmore appliance comes with a warranty period which is useful in such cases, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it if necessary.


Company: General Electric

Price: $$$$$

My rating: 5/5

If you are looking for a large and sophisticated refrigerator, I wholeheartedly recommend the PFE28PSKSS model from GE. This product is 36 inches wide and comes with multiple interesting features.

It is designed for people who require accommodating a lot of foods and are looking for a product which has an increased freezer space. Here are more details about this fridge.

  1. 27.8 cubic feet – this refrigerator from GE puts an emphasis on freezer space, allocating a whopping 9.2 cubic feet for this purpose. The rest of 18.6 cubic feet represent the capacity for fresh food and it is usually more than enough for most people, whether they live alone or with a large family.
  2. Spill-proof shelves – there are numerous adjustable shelves inside this unit as well as spillproof shelves, humidity controlled drawers, gallon storage bins and others. These shelving units are made from high-quality tempered glass which is easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. Feel free to arrange these shelves any way you want to accommodate tall bottles or different types of foods and ingredients.
  3. Ice dispenser – the ice maker incorporated by this refrigerator has multiple features, including a Keurig K-cup feature which consists of a single serve of ice at a time. Once you connect this appliance to the main water line, you can have ice cubes in your drinks at any moment of the day and the ice dispenser even features an LED light which is useful if you use it during the night.
  4. Built-in Wi-Fi connect – this is one of the few refrigerators which comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and basically incorporates Amazon Alexa which gives you access to a plethora of functions you can control via your smartphone.
  5. Frost-free – your unit will automatically engage the defrosting mode when necessary to eliminate accumulated chunks of ice and to keep this unit working at peak conditions.
  6. Available in multiple colors – feel free to choose from black, stainless steel, silver and white finish options for your GE refrigerator, depending on your own preferences.

There are little to no drawbacks when it comes to this product, mainly because it comes with so many interesting features and advantages.

Some customers say that the price is a bit high for this unit, but this is to be expected when you take into account the numerous innovative technologies incorporated into the fridge.

Here’s a video that explains things:


Company: Samsung

Price: $$$$$

My rating: 4.7/5

You probably know Samsung for making high-quality smartphones, tablets and TV sets, but this manufacturer also makes top of the line refrigerators.

I want to direct your attention towards the RF28JBEDBSG model which comes with multiple attractive features and is currently one of the best looking refrigerator money can buy today.

Here are its main selling points:

  1. 27.8 cubic feet – this is currently one of the most spacious and accommodating fridge money can buy today. The bottom freezer offers up to 8.3 cubic feet, the middle drawer offers up to 3.8 cubic feet and the space for fresh foods is up to 15.7 cubic feet, so you definitely have plenty of room available for your goodies.
  2. LED lighting – this unit comes with high-quality and high-efficiency LED lighting which illuminates your entire fridge at once, so you can clearly see the milk bottle during the night. LED lighting is also economical and works totally automatically, without your intervention.
  3. Ice maker – as you can probably see, the left door features a built-in ice maker which is capable of dispensing ice cubes at your request. This feature will be very useful during long summer days when you want to remain cool by drinking a lot of fresh beverages with ice cubes in them
  4. Adjustable shelves – apart from humidity-controlled crispers for your veggies and fruits, this refrigerator from Samsung also has gallon storage bins mounted on doors, multiple tempered glass drawers and shelves for appetizers and meat. Feel free to arrange the shelves any way you want to accommodate all your food.
  5. Custom temperature for mid-drawer – the middle drawer has plenty of space for certain foods you want to have accessible at all times. This drawer also comes with adjustable temperature control, allowing you to choose from -1, 1, 3, and 5 degree Celsius, depending on your needs.
  6. Energy Star certified – this fridge from Samsung is designed to consume less energy as it is Energy Star certified and can save you lots of money throughout its lifetime.

When it comes to drawbacks, so customers reported that this unit is rather large and occupies a lot of space in the kitchen.

The width of the fridge is 36 inches and 70 inch in height which makes it more suitable for larger kitchens. If you have less space at your disposal, go for a smaller model from this list.


Company: General Electric

Price: $$$$$

My rating: 4.6/5

I want to include yet another product from GE because this manufacturer makes a plethora of high-quality fridges.

The CFE28TSHSS is not only spacious, but it comes with multiple modern features that might appeal to homeowners.

Let’s have a look at the characteristics of this product:

  1. 28.6 cubic feet – this model is 36 inches wide and nearly 70 inches tall, so it has a lot of space for you to deposit fresh food such as veggies and meat. The freezer alone offers up to 9.2 cubic feet of space and it can easily take frozen pizzas, veggies, bags of chopped fruits, ice cream and many other goodies.
  2. Hot water dispenser – this fridge should be connected to the main water line to take full advantage of its water dispenser which is capable of giving cold or hot water, depending on your preferences. The dispenser comes with an LCD screen multiple buttons to help you select the desired water setting. You can also get ice cubes which is very convenient during hot summer days when you want to remain cool at all costs.
  3. Electronic temperature control – your GE unit features a lot of innovative technology including an automatic electronic temperature control which keeps your food at the correct temperatures for a long period of time. The fridge also features LED lighting which is bright and practical when you sneak out of the bed in the middle of the night for a quick snack.
  4. Multiple shelving options – you can use the humidity controlled crispers, dairy compartment, door gallon bins and the other glass shelves to create your own space for depositing food and ingredients. The shelves of this unit are completely adjustable and designed to take a lot of wear and tear.
  5. Open door alarm – if you usually forget to close the door then this fridge is probably designed for you! It comes with an alarm which automatically alerts you that you have left the door open and this feature can save a lot of energy in the future.

If it were to nitpick, I would have loved to see this product available in several more color options besides stainless steel, but again, that’s just a minor drawback which doesn’t tell anything about the excellent functionality of this product.

Frigidaire FGHN2866PF

Company: Frigidaire

Price: $$$$$

My rating: 4.9/5

frigidaire FGHN2866PF

If you love large refrigerators, take a look at the FGHN2866PF model from Frigidaire, an appliance which comes with plenty of interior space and adjustable shelves for you to play with.

This is currently one of the most popular and appreciated fridges out there, so let’s have a look at it and explore its strong points:

  1. 28.6 cubic feet – the freezer alone occupies almost 8.7 cubic feet of space which means that there is plenty of room for you to deposit veggies and meat for later use. The space for fresh food is nearly double that amount and this is possible thanks to the fact that this appliance is 36 inches wide and 70 inches tall which makes it suitable for larger kitchens.
  2. Frost free – modern refrigerators can eliminate accumulated ice automatically and this unit from Frigidaire is not an exception. On top of that, it is also Energy Star certified, so it will consume less energy throughout its lifetime.
  3. Adjustable shelving units – feel free to play with the humidity controlled crispers, door bins for your jugs of milk and even the pantry drawer which is a wide compartment suitable for storing platters and appetizers for your guests.
  4. Ice maker – this unit also comes with a built-in ice maker which delivers a steady and fresh supply of ice cubes whenever you need them the most. Best of all, the water used to make ice cubes is also seriously filtered to eliminate impurities and bacteria.
  5. 3 colors available – feel free to choose from white, black, and stainless steel for this model when it comes to finishes. All these nuances are eye-catching and it will help you integrate the fridge into your current’s kitchen décor.

No product is perfect and this one might have a flaw, according to some past customers who bought it and complained that the ice maker is not the most productive one out there.

Remember that the built-in ice maker is designed for casual users, it cannot rise to restaurant-level standards, so don’t have false expectations to avoid frustration.

Samsung RF28K9070SG

Company: Samsung

Price: $$$$

My rating: 4.8/5

If you want a really cool and attractive refrigerator, take a look at the RF28K9070SG model from Samsung which comes with 4 door and multiple practical features.

This type of refrigerator is quite rare on the market and that’s why maybe you should have one.

Here are its main strong points:

  1. 28.1 cubic feet – this is one of the most spacious fridges out there, featuring a freezer capacity of up to 11.5 cubic feet. This means that your fridge is designed for depositing foods for later use as well as ingredients, meat, veggies, pizza, ice cream and so on.
  2. Custom fridge/freezer compartment – one of the most attractive features of this fridge consist of the fact that the bottom right door can be a refrigerator or freezer, depending on your needs. All that you have to do is to select the correct temperature setting and use this compartment as you wish.
  3. Ice maker – your 4-door French refrigerator is also capable of making ice when necessary. Feel free to play with this feature which is capable of making up to 8.6 pounds of ice every day. This appliance can also dispense chilled water which is filtrated to eliminate bacteria, calcium, and other impurities.
  4. Adjustable shelves – you have multiple tempered glass shelves at your disposal for both the refrigerator and the freezer. Adjust them as you wish to accommodate tall bottles, large jugs of milk or large bowls of veggies and salads.
  5. Energy Star certified – your unit is also designed to consume less electricity and it can save you hundreds of dollars from your energy bill in the upcoming years. The manufacturer estimates that the annual operating cost of this unit comes close to just 100 dollars.

Despite being so large and spacious, some customers have complained that this fridge doesn’t come with a dairy compartment, but that’s a minor drawback. You will definitely find plenty of space inside this fridge to deposit your yogurts and cheese.


Company: LG Electronics

Price: $$$$

My rating: 4.7/5

The last product on my list comes from LG and it is an impressive refrigerator with plenty of interior space and multiple high-tech features.

It incorporates up to 9 temperature sensors which ensure that your foods are preserved in the best conditions possible.

Let’s find out more about this device:

  1. 28.8 cubic feet – the interior space is more than sufficient even for a large family. The freezer alone has a capacity of almost 10 cubic feet and it features multiple drawers and shelves for your veggies, meat, ice cream and other frozen goodies.
  2. Ice and water dispenser – your LG fridge is also capable of dispensing water and ice at your request. It can produce up to 6-7 lbs of ice cubes per day which is sufficient for most people to decorate their drinks with.
  3. Child lock – apart from open door alarm and other safety features, this model also comes with a child lock feature which prevents your kids from “stealing” foods without your consent. This safety feature also prevents unwanted accidents and potential injuries.
  4. Multiple shelving units – this model comes with a dairy center, adjustable shelves made from tempered glass, gallon storage bins situated on the doors of the fridge, crisper drawers and even a pantry drawer. You can adjust the shelves and arrange them in any way you want to accommodate taller or smaller bottles, different types of veggies and platters, etc.
  5. Quiet operation – the professionals at LG also went the extra mile to make this unit as silent as possible and they have incorporated sound barriers and cushions which help keeping the operating sound level as low as possible. You won’t be bothered by the sound produced by this fridge, even if you take a quick nap in your kitchen in the middle of the day.

It is hard to find drawbacks with this product, but a few customers reported a couple of reliability issues with the compressor after a few years of usage.

Obviously, LG can replace that if you take advantage of your warranty policy, so make sure you contact the manufacturer right away if this happens to you.

Last Few Words..

Now you know more about French door refrigerators and can make a better decision when buying one.

Remember, one of the biggest advantages of this type of fridge is that if you want to quickly take something out of the fridge, you don’t open a large door, letting out a lot of cold air when you grab a banana or bottle of milk, you just open one of the side doors and that’s it.

This drastically improves energy efficiency and ensures that your energy bill remains small in the long run. The next step would be to carefully measure the available space in your kitchen and determine how much food you need on a weekly/monthly basis.

If you don’t stay home much, you probably don’t need the largest fridge out there, but if you have a large family with kids, elderly people, and even dogs, you might need to invest in a larger fridge.

Set up your budget, take a look at the ones presented in this article and determine your favorite layout, color, size, and other factors, before making a purchase.

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Joanna · August 9, 2018 at 5:12 am

I am surprised that the LG refrigerator is ranked as one of the top 13 products to buy in 2018. Their quality is very poor and seems to break down after 2 years and there is totally no tech support from LG. There are lots of reviews / comments from consumers that purchased the LG refrigerator. Customers should definitely review those comments before deciding whether to buy an LG product. I have a 2 years old French door LG refrigerator that stopped working and I have not been able to get one of their technicians to evaluate and fix it. I have contacted another repair person to review the problem and he told me it will cost over $1K to fix the problem. I am unable to get anything from LG’s support group. Do you have any recommendation?

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