If you’re looking to to eliminate dirt, dust, pet hair, impurities, microbes, bacteria and other types of mess from your floors, carpets and even curtains then you will need to look for the best canister vacuum cleaners.

Canister vacuum cleaners can be found in virtually any residential or commercial property as they are efficient, easy to use and affordable.

Best Canister Vacuums 2018

There are numerous models available on the market and they come at different prices. Picking the right one is not the easiest task in the world and that’s why I want to provide you with a quick buying guide and a couple of suggestions, so you know exactly what to look for.

A canister vacuum is different from other types of cleaners like the upright vacuums because it has a boxy design and wheels, so you basically drag the canister after you while cleaning the house.

The canister itself is not very heavy and it will be able to accommodate a lot of dirt and dust before you need to replace the bag or empty the trash in a bucket.

Keep reading this article to learn more about canister vacuum cleaners through my reviews and how to purchase the right one for you.

How to Choose a Canister Vacuum

Bagged or bagless

This one is pretty self-explanatory, it basically refers to the fact that the canister vacuum cleaner comes with or without a bag for collecting dust. If you go for a bagged model, it might be less expensive, but you will have to buy additional bags and replace them from time to time.

Still, this is a very popular option for homeowners. A bagless vacuum doesn’t require you to change the bags, all that you have to do is to push a button and empty the recipient which collects dust in a bucket, bag or trash bin.

The process is very simple and hygienic, so you don’t actually get in contact with the mess nor have a cloud of dust blown up in your face. If you’re confused about which one to buy then you might want to check this article which will explain things more.

Corded or cordless

In a similar fashion, a canister vacuum cleaner can be corded or cordless because a lot of people love the idea of cleaning the house without having to worry about an annoying electric cord.

It is true that most corded versions are less expensive and more affordable for the majority of the homeowners, but if you don’t mind spending a couple of extra bucks, you can get yourself a cordless version which is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

This battery can last for 20 minutes or more on a full charge and it allows you to clean a small to medium sized house quickly.

In some cases, cordless versions are shipped with two batteries, so you can use one while the other is charging. If you go for a corded version, this will usually come with a power cord which is 18-15 feet long and has a special storage space inside the vacuum cleaner.

This detailed article can help you decide between a corded or cordless model.

Filtration system

A lot of canister vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters these days and they are some of the best cleaners available on the market. HEPA filters usually capture up to 99% of the microbes and bacteria present on your floors and carpets.

These are usually found in many devices like air purifiers and other types of vacuums.They can also trap allergens such as pollen and dust, so they will make the life of people with asthma and other respiratory problems a lot easier.

These filters are either permanent and washable or replaceable, you usually have to replace a filter once every couple of months.

Power and suction level

Each canister vacuum cleaner has a rated power output such as 800 watts, 1,000 watts, etc. The more powerful the device is, the quicker and more efficient the cleaning process will be.

For example, if you have thick carpets, I recommend getting a canister vacuum cleaner with a high power rating, so that you can take out all the dust and dirt from the carpets.

In most cases, you are capable of selecting the power level you desire by pressing a button on the vacuum’s control panel.

Attachments and accessories

They are also shipped with a plethora of accessories such as cleaning nozzles, additional filters, maybe a spare rechargeable battery, etc.

Most of the accessories are basically attachments to the cleaning head so you can clean hardly accessible places such as corners of rooms, under furniture, the stairs, and even the ceiling.

Make sure you know exactly what accessories are included in the package, to ensure you have spent your money well.

Size and weight

Some vacuums are designed with lightness in mind and they are ideal for all homeowners. They have a small weight, can be stored almost anywhere and are easy to maneuver around the house.

If you want a unit capable of cleaning large commercial and industrial spaces, you’ll probably need a vacuum cleaner with a large canister and this type of device will eventually weigh more, but remember that it comes with wheels and handles, so you have nothing to worry about.

Price and warranty

The good thing is that today’s canister vacuums are available at different prices, so basically everyone can afford one.

For example, you can buy a good one for as low as $80 and these products usually include a lot of attachments and a warranty period of at least one year.

On the other hand, if your cleaning needs are more diverse and complex, you should go for a more expensive and sophisticated one which might cost several hundred dollars, but can eliminate most of the dust and dirt from your floors and carpets.

High-end vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters which are known for their amazing filtration properties.

Here are a few suggestions for excellent and top canister vacuum cleaners that might be suitable for your needs.

Kenmore 81214 200 Series

Company: Kenmore

Price: $$

Rating: 4.9/5

The 200 Series vacuum cleaner from Kenmore is available in multiple styles and colors and it is suitable for residential and commercial properties.

It comes with a cord and wheels, so you will find it easy to move it from room to room.

Here are more details about it:

1. HEPA filters – the HEPA filter is one of the most useful and practical filter types out there and this vacuum cleaner from Kenmore features HEPA filtration systems. It is capable of absorbing most of the bacteria, microbes, allergens, and dust from the air, so you will live in a cleaner and more hygienic home.

2. Detachable wand – this model comes with a detachable wand which basically can be used for above the floor cleaning and for reaching under massive furniture items. The wand is easy to maneuver and it can easily fit tight spaces.

3. Two-floor nozzles – there are two-floor nozzles included in the package which allow you to clean different types of surfaces such as hardwood floors, carpets, and other items such as upholstery and curtains.

4. Automatic cord rewind – you don’t have to manually retract the cord, you simply press a button and it will be pulled inside the unit in a couple of seconds by a special mechanism. This model comes with a dust bag which can accommodate a lot of debris and dirt before it needs to be replaced.

5. 2-motor system – this unit has two built-in motors which provide an immense suction power, so you can use the vacuum cleaner on thick carpets with great success. These two motors don’t allow you to lose suction and they will make sure that every single dust particle is eliminated from your floors.

As a downside, some customers complained about minor reliability problems with this unit, but remember that it comes with a warranty policy from Kenmore, so you can take advantage of that.

Bissell 1547 Multi-Cyclonic Bagless 

Company: Bissell

Price: $$

Rating: 4.8/5

Bissell is a professional manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and the 1547 model is a bagless device with compact dimensions.

This type of vacuum cleaner is highly sophisticated and technologically advanced which justifies the slightly higher price.

Here are its benefits:

1. Multi-Cyclonic Technology – this type of technology is very advanced and basically, it prevents loss of power and suction when cleaning the floors and moving the cleaning head around. You will be able to eliminate dust and dirt with little to no effort from all your surfaces including hardwood floors, carpets and more.

2. Bagless design – This model doesn’t incorporate a dust bag, so it accumulates dirt and dust in a specially designed canister. When it gets filled with dust, all that you have to do is to empty it by pressing a button. The accumulated mess will be ejected in a hygienic and efficient way.

3. Lightweight – this vacuum cleaner from Bissell weighs just 13 pound which is impressive, given its cleaning power and efficiency. You can quickly wrap it up and store it somewhere in your house when you have finished cleaning because it has a small footprint. It comes with a special type of brush which is gentle on your floors, but merciless with microbes and bacteria, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.

4. Telescopic wand – when you want to clean under the bed or on the ceiling, use the detachable telescopic wand which has a great suction power and can quickly eliminate dust and dirt from hard to reach places.

5. 2 years warranty – this product is backed up by a warranty period of 2 years, so if you experience any type of malfunction, feel free to contact the manufacturer asking for repairs or replacements free of charge.

When it comes to disadvantages, there are virtually nonexistent because this high-tech vacuum cleaner comes with multiple features.

If it were to nitpick, I would have loved to see it in more color options, but that’s a minor drawback.

Miele Compact C1

Company: Miele

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

The C1 model from Miele is an eye-catching and practical vacuum cleaner which is available in a beautiful white color and can easily clean residential and commercial properties. 

It features a turbo brush and it is capable of eliminating dust and dirt from virtually all indoor surfaces.

Here are its strong points:

1. Variable speed – this model has six speeds you can choose from when cleaning your apartment. These speeds operate the motor which is made directly by Miele and has a lot of suction power. You might want to switch to a lower power setting if you want to vacuum upholstery, for example.

2. Reliable – your Miele device has been seriously tested and the manufacturer says it is capable of taking at least 20 years of usage with no significant decrease in power. It has 1,200 watts at its disposal which makes it ideal for carpets and hardwood floors.

3. Comes with accessories – this model has a dusting brush, an upholstery tool and a crevice tool which help you clean tight spaces such as the corners of your living room or under the furniture items. Its power cord is almost 30 feet long which means you don’t have to plug and unplug it from the power socket that often.

4. Air filter – you might be happy to find out that this model also comes with a high-tech air filter which basically captures most of the dirt, lint, and allergens from your carpets. In other words, you will be able to breathe fresher and cleaner air every day thanks to this canister vacuum cleaner.

5. 1-year warranty – this device is also backed up by a warranty period of 1 year which covers for manufacturing defects. Most customers say that this product is reliable, so you might never have to use the warranty at all, but it is good to have it there just in case.

As a downside, I would consider this canister vacuum cleaner to be quite expensive, but it is worth the price, given being its features such as a powerful 1,200-watt motor, accessories included and sturdy construction.

Kenmore 81614 600 Series Bagged

Company: Kenmore

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Earlier on you read about the 200 series, now it is time to talk about the 600 series which is more powerful and features a different design.

This one has a 28 feet power cord and can be used for all types of floors such as hardwood, vinyl, carpets, kitchen floors and even upholstery items.

Here are its main selling points:

1. HEPA filtration – having a vacuum with a HEPA filter is a great thing because it allows you to clean the house thoroughly and absorb those dangerous microscopic bacteria and allergens. The HEPA filter is permanent and washable, so you don’t have to buy another one in the future.

2. Multiple accessories – this model comes with a plethora of accessories and attachments including a motorized pet tool which is capable of quickly absorbing dog and cat hairs. There are several nozzles for the cleaning head which allow you to eliminate dust from hard to reach places as well.

3. Detachable wand – if you want to clean under furniture items or on the ceiling, this canister vacuum incorporates a detachable wand which helps you reach high places. The suction power is excellent, so those spider webs have no chance of survival.

4. 2 motor system – you should take advantage of the powerful motors this vacuum cleaner is equipped with. They will sustain prolonged suction power for years to come, allowing you to clean even the toughest messes.

5. 1-year warranty – the manufacturer backs this product up with a warranty period of 1 year on parts. Feel free to contact the manufacturer and ask for repairs/ replacements if you encounter a problem with your machine.

While researching this product, I discovered that some customers consider that the filter system is hard to clean, but this isn’t necessarily a major flaw.

As long as you follow the user guide and read the instructions properly, you might never have problems cleaning the HEPA filter by yourself.

Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless

Company: Bissell

Price: $

Rating: 4.7/5

This model from Bissell is available in two color options and comes with an almost 15 feet power cord which is more than enough for most people. It’s also one of the cheapest model in this list.

It is ideal for residential properties and it can be used on pretty much all floor types such as hardwood, carpet, kitchen floor, vinyl, and others.

Here are its main benefits:

1. Bagless design – this one doesn’t incorporate a bag, so you don’t have to buy additional bags in the long run. To empty the collected mess, you just press a button and empty the accumulated dirt and dust into a trash bin or bucket. Your hands won’t get in contact with the dust, so it is totally hygienic.

2. Multiple filters – your vacuum cleaner from Bissell also features several types of filters such as dust cup filters, post motor filters, and others. These will basically help collect more dust and dirt from your carpets, making the air cleaner and more breathable.

3. Multiple accessories – in the package you will find a plethora of useful accessories you can use to eliminate dirt from hard to reach places such as under furniture items, on the ceiling etc.

This model comes with a crevice tool, dusting brush and other useful cleaning attachments. The power cord retracts itself inside the vacuum cleaner at the press of a button, so you don’t have to manually wrap it up.

4. Lightweight and compact – this model weighs around 11 pounds which makes it ideal for every homeowner, regardless of age or physical strength. You will be able to easily drag the canister around when cleaning the house and thanks to its reduced dimensions, it can be stored almost everywhere.

5. One year warranty – the manufacturer offers a warranty period of 1 year for this model and you can use it if you experience problems with it. The customer service from Bissell is usually very friendly, so they will definitely help you.

In fact, the warranty actually helped a lot of customers who experienced reliability problems with this device. Make sure you use it according to the instructions, but if some parts are faulty, contact Bissell right away.

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum

Dyson Big Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum

Company: Dyson

Price: $$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

As you probably already know, Dyson is a large manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, especially canister type ones.

The Big Ball Multi-floor device is a sophisticated appliance suitable for homeowners who want a thorough and precise cleaning process.

Here are its main characteristics:

1. Ball Technology – this design feature basically means that the vacuum cleaner is capable of turning on the spot, so you can easily maneuver it while cleaning the house. the cleaning head can also reach certain tight spaces, so your cleaning process will be more efficient.

2. Bagless design – this model doesn’t come with a bag, so you don’t have to buy additional ones in the future. Once the canister is filled with dust, you just press a button and the dirt is ejected quickly and hygienically. You can then continue your cleaning process uninterrupted.

3. Carbon fiber head – the cleaning head is different from what you see with other canister vacuums. This one is made from special materials and not only that it is more durable, but it can also absorb fine dust and eliminate it altogether. You’ll be able to easily clean hardwood floors and carpets and breathe fresher air every day.

4. HEPA filter – your Dyson vacuum cleaner also comes with a HEPA filter which is ideal for people who have respiratory problems such as asthma. The filter is permanent and easily washable, so you don’t have to spend more money in the long run on additional filters.

5. 5 years warranty – the manufacturer is so confident in his product that he backs it up with a warranty period of 5 years on parts and labor. This product provides genuine value and it is one of the most appreciated and popular canister vacuum cleaners on the market today.

You might probably be discouraged by the relatively high price tag, but remember that this is a vacuum cleaner you will eventually use for a lifetime.

It comes with multiple accessories and in my opinion, it is worth every single penny because it is very efficient in cleaning your house.

Prolux Tritan Pet Turbo

Company: Prolux

Price: $$

Rating: 4.7/5

The Tritan model from Prolux is specially designed for homes with pets, so if you have a dog or a cat in your house, this might be suitable for your needs.

It is available in three color options for you to choose from and it comes at an affordable price, so it can be bought by most homeowners.

Here are its most important features:

1. HEPA filter – this model also incorporates HEPA filters which are some of the best filters available on the market today.

They basically absorb more than 99% of dust, dirt, allergens, pollen, microbes, and bacteria from your carpets and floors, so you will provide a safer, cleaner environment for the people in your house.

2. Multiple accessories included – in the package you will find a wide variety of cleaning accessories such as a crevice tool, brushes, combo tools and upholstery tool.

You will be able to easily clean hardwood floors, tile, carpets, curtains, draperies and even clothes with this device. Its total suction power is approximately 110 CFM which is impressive for such a compact appliance.

3. 6-foot hose – the actual hose is longer than the other models currently available on the market and it can reach tight spaces and the ceiling of your rooms. it also incorporates a 23 feet retractable cord which is long enough for most people, so you will do less of “plug and unplug” when cleaning your house.

4. Comes with 6 bags – this model is bagged and the good news is that it comes with up to 6 additional bags in the package. This means that you can clean the house without worries for months before you will have to actually go to a shop and buy additional bags.

5. 1-year warranty – the warranty period is 1 year on parts, offered by the manufacturer when you buy this product. Most customers don’t really need to use the warranty policy because this vacuum is quite reliable.

As a downside, some customers complained that the attachments are made of plastic, but this makes them lightweight and easy to use.

If you follow the instructions manual, you can use the attachments successfully, without damaging them.

Miele Compact C2 Electro

Company: Miele

Price: $$$$$

Rating: 4.9/5

Miele is known for making some of the most reliable and sophisticated canister vacuum cleaners in the world.

I wanted to include the Compact C2 model in my review and tell you more details about its features and benefits. This product is very easy to use and has an attractive design too, so it can actually be a pleasure to clean your house with it.

Here are its strong points:

1. 6 setting suction options – this model from Miele comes with a tough and powerful motor which is capable of absorbing a lot of dust and dirt at once. It has 1,200 watts and you can select from 6 different speeds, depending on your needs and preferences. Use it to clean hardwood floors, carpets, stairs, upholstery and kitchen floors.

2. HEPA filters – the HEPA filter is customary for high-end products and this vacuum cleaner has it as well. You will be able to absorb most of the dust and dangerous bacteria from your hardwood floors and carpets, not to mention the benefit of breathing cleaner air and making the floors a safer playground for kids.

3. Multiple accessories included – you will find a lot of practical attachments and accessories in the package such as a dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool. These attachments can be used to clean stairs, curtains, clothes, and tight spaces such as under furniture items.

4. 33 feet power cord – this unit comes with a power cord which retracts into the vacuum cleaner at the press of a button. The cord itself is 33 feet long and it is one of the longest and most reliable power cords available out there. This means that you don’t have to plug it and unplug it that often when cleaning your house.

5. Up to 7 years warranty – for some components of this device, you get a warranty period of up to 7 years which is really impressive, given the fact that most manufacturers offer just 1 or 2 years. Feel free to contact the manufacturer right away if you encounter problems with your product because Miele has excellent customer service.

There are little to no disadvantages to this product. If it were to nitpick, some customers are put off by the high price, but remember that you are buying a reliable and super efficient vacuum cleaner that can last for a lifetime.

Here’s a video showing you the power of this Miele C2:

Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F


Price: $

Rating: 4.7/5

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact canister vacuum cleaner that doesn’t occupy a lot of space and is easy to maneuver, check out the Mighty Mite model from Eureka.

This cheap and attractive model is available in several color options and is suitable for small to medium sized properties.

Here are its advantages:

1. HEPA filtration – this model is designed for houses with pets as it will absorb most of the lint and dander from your floors. The HEPA filters will also catch more than 99% of the bacteria and microbes from your floors, so you can make your house a cleaner and better place in no time.

2. Pet attachments – this product comes with a plethora of accessories, including pet attachments which are designed to eliminate long dog hairs and other types of pet hairs from your floors and carpets. Whether you have a cat or a dog, this one is the right one for the job.

3. Telescopic wand – sometimes you want to clean the ceiling of your house and that’s why this model comes with a telescopic wand which allows you to reach above the floor level. Those spider webs have no chances against the suction power of this Eureka vacuum.

4. Weighs less than 9 pounds – this canister vacuum is really lightweight at just 9 pounds in total. You will never get tired cleaning your house with this appliance.

5. 1-year warranty – on top of all the attachments you can find in the package, this product also comes with a warranty period of 1 year which is great to have just in case.

As a drawback, this model comes with a relatively small dust bag, but it is designed to be so to keep its dimensions and weight as low as possible.

The product is suitable for small to medium-sized properties, but if your house is much larger than that, you can opt from other vacuum cleaners from this list.

Ovente ST2620 Series

Company: Ovente

Price: $

Rating: 4.8/5

This model from Ovente is another bagless device, so if you love vacuum cleaners that don’t feature bags, this one might be suitable for you.

It is ideal for all floor types from commercial and residential properties and it comes at an affordable price, so totally go for it!

1. Available in several colors – This product is available in orange, green, grey and red colors, so you can have it in your favorite nuance. It has a long retractable cord which measures almost 17 feet and can be wrapped up inside the vacuum cleaner by pressing a single button.

2. HEPA filtration – this device also features a HEPA filter which is capable of absorbing and eliminating more than 99 percent of all bacteria, microbes, and allergens from the air. Use this device in your kid’s room and he will breathe fresher, cleaner air every day.

3. Comes with accessories – you will be surprised by the number of accessories present in the package. For example, it has multiple pet tools and brushes, a crevice tool and an upholstery tool for cleaning all areas of your property.

4. Bagless design – eject the accumulated mess from the canister by pressing a single button on the dashboard and you will never need to buy additional vacuum bags with this model. The elimination process is also hygienic as you will not get a cloud dust in your face while ejecting the mess.

5. 1-year warranty – the manufacturer offers a warranty period of 1 year for this model, so you are covered in the case of encountering manufacturing defects and similar problems. Its total power is 1,400 watts which makes it one of the most powerful and efficient models available on the market today.

As a disadvantage, some customers complain that it is a bit difficult to change the attachments, but if you read the instructions manual and follow the steps, hopefully, you will not encounter any problem.

All canister vacuum cleaners are designed to easy to use, so if you are patient, you will definitely change the attachments with little to no effort.

Severin Bagless MY7118

Company: Severin

Price: $$

Rating: 4.9/5

Severin is a known manufacturer of canister vacuum cleaners and the MY7118 model is suitable for most homeowners because it is specially designed to absorb dust and dirt from all floors.

You can use it on hardwood, carpet, tile, upholstery and other types of surfaces with great efficiency.

Here are its most important aspects:

1. Carbon filtration – this particular model from Severin features a carbon filter which is capable of absorbing most of the pollen and dust from your carpets, so if you have people with allergies in your house, they will thank you for using this product.

2. Multiple accessories included – your Severin vacuum cleaner is designed for houses with pets, so it includes a plethora of brushes and pet tools which absorb lint and dander from your carpets. It also comes with crevice tools and other types of tools which allow you to reach tight spaces and cleaning the ceilings as well.

3. Bagless design – you don’t have to waste money on additional vacuum bags if you go for this model from Severing because it doesn’t feature a dust collecting bag. Its canister can be emptied by pressing a button and the elimination process is very efficient and hygienic.

4. Adjustable power – this Severin model has a strong motor which guarantees powerful suction on all floor surfaces. You also have the opportunity to choose how much power you want at any given time.

5. 2 years warranty – this product is made in Germany, so it will be very reliable and long lasting. The manufacturer is confident in its products and offers a warranty period of 2 years which is great to have, just in case.

When it comes to disadvantages, some customers reported that switching from hardwood floors to rugs can be a little bit difficult, but I’m confident that once you familiarize yourself with this appliance, you’ll have no such problems.

Best Commercial Canister Vacuums

Hoover Commercial CH32008

Company: Hoover

Price: $$

Rating: 4.9/5

Hoover is known for making some of the top vacuum cleaners out there and I wanted to have one of its products on my list.

The CH32008 is a commercial vacuum cleaner with a great motor and excellent suction capabilities.

Here are its main selling points:

1. HEPA filter – you will be able to absorb most of the bacteria and microbes from your floors and carpets using this vacuum cleaner because it features a HEPA filter which is washable and guaranteed for a lifetime.

2. Low noise operation – even at full speed, this machine has a sound level of just over 60 dB which is impressive for such a powerful vacuum. This means that you will not be annoyed by the sound the vacuum makes when cleaning your entire house.

3. 2.4-gallon capacity – the capacity of this vacuum cleaner is really impressive as it can collect up to 2.4 gallons of dust and dirt before you need to empty the tank. Feel free to clean an entire commercial floor with this appliance as it is specially designed for this.

4. 50 feet power cord – to make things easier for you the manufacturer has also added a 50 feet power cord which basically limits the “plug and unplug” frequency when cleaning your property. The cord is retractable at the press of a button and made from durable materials.

5. Almost 11 pounds – not only that it is easy to use, this canister vacuum cleaner from Hoover is also lightweight at around 11 pounds in total. People of all ages can use this device with little to no effort and have no difficulty in moving it from room to room.

You might want to be a little careful with the handle as it can get damaged, according to the opinion of certain customers.

Make sure you don’t use a lot of force when operating the device and hopefully you’ll be fine.

Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial

Company: Sanitaire

Price: $

Rating: 4.7/5

If you are interested in another excellent commercial canister vacuum, I recommend the SC3683B model from Sanitaire which is designed to clean a plethora of hardwood floors and carpets.

It is available in a striking red color and it has relatively small dimensions, so you will have no problem moving and storing it.

Here are its benefits:

1. HEPA filter – this product is designed to absorb more than 99% of the microbes and bacteria found on your floors and carpets, so use it confidently. The HEPA filter is washable and will ensure that your commercial property will sparkle every day!

2. Multiple accessories included – your Sanitaire appliance comes with a multitude of accessories and attachments which are excellent for cleaning different types of floors such as tile and hardwood floor. The attachments can also eliminate dust and dirt from carpets of all types, so don’t be afraid to use them.

3. Comes with two plastic wands – there are moments when you need to clean the ceiling or under massive furniture items and this product comes with two plastic wands which extend your reach. If you use them, you can easily absorb dirt from various tight spaces.

4. Lightweight design – this product weighs just 10 pounds which is impressive for a commercial model. You will be able to store it easily as it has a small footprint too.

5. 2 years warranty – the manufacturer is confident in his product and offers a warranty period of two years for this canister vacuum cleaner. Although there are little to no complaints regarding reliability and manufacturing defects, it is good to have a warranty policy to rely on in case of emergency.

Red is a beautiful color, but I would have loved to see this device in other colors such as black, grey or white.

However, this is a minor drawback and it doesn’t compromise the vacuum’s performance which is commendable given its reduced dimensions and affordable price.

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower

Company: Hoover

Price: $

Rating: 4.8/5

The last product in my list comes from Hoover and it is a commercial vacuum with reduced dimensions and excellent performance figures.

You can use it for residential properties too and it comes with a plethora of attractive features.

Here are a few of them:

1. Multiple accessories included – this device comes with a complete set of attachments and accessories for cleaning your residential or commercial property such as reach wands, brushes, crevice tools, pet tools and more. Changing the attachments is a piece of cake and they ensure a more thorough cleaning process.

2. Reusable clean bag – inside the vacuum cleaner you will find a cloth bag which is actually cleanable and reusable, so you don’t have to spend money on buying separate ones.

3. 33 feet power cord – this appliance also comes with a long power cord which guarantees less “plug and unplug” tasks while cleaning the house or your commercial property. The power cord is made from durable materials and designed to be tangle-free.

4. Lightweight – you will be amazed by the lightness of this canister vacuum as it weighs less than 8.5 lbs. It is actually one of the lightest and most maneuverable vacuum cleaner money can buy today. Thanks to its small footprint, you can also store it virtually anywhere, even under the bed.

5. 1 year warranty period – you might be happy to find out that this product comes with a warranty period of one year which will cover for manufacturing defects or other problems. Feel free to contact the manufacturer if you encounter issues with your product.

When it comes to drawbacks, you shouldn’t expect an amazing suction power from this device because it is not designed for that.

Given its lightness, there is no place for a powerful motor to guarantee a lot of suction power, but you can successfully use it on virtually all floor types as well as carpets.

Choose the Right Model for You!

As you can see, there are multiple types of canister vacuum cleaners to choose from, depending on your preferences and budget. Think about the fact that you will eventually stick with this product for at least two years, so all that you have to do is to decide which one fits your needs the best.

For example, if you want a lot of suction power because you have thick carpets, go for models which have motors with more than 1,000 watts.

On the other hand, some homeowners are all for lightweight products and they usually go for compact ones which are easy to use and easy to store. That’s why it is a good idea to assess your needs first before buying a vacuum.

As another example, if you have pets in your house, it is a good call to go for one designed to absorb lint and dander from your cats or dogs.

These products come with special accessories which eliminate impurities and leave your floors cleaner. The attachments can also be used for stairs as well as thick and thin carpets, absorbing those long dog hairs with little to no effort.

If you have a lot of furniture items in your house, you might want to go for a product that comes with extra reach wands, to be able to thoroughly clean your property.

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